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Programs, Classes & Retreats

Natural Health Therapies with Cynthia Griffin offers a variety of programs throughout the year. Cynthia offers custom yoga & meditation classes, group health and wellness coaching courses ( TCM, Ayurvedic and Mental Fitness Based ), corporate and community wellness classes, and national and international wellness/yoga Retreats. Learn more below!

 Advanced Living In Sync and Rhythm 

Group Bi-monthly Program

Transform Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Prerequisite 10 week Living In Sync Course

Group Zoom calls on 1st and 3rd Week of the month


  • When healthy lifestyle habits are eased into and automated you “Live in Sync” with the rhythms of nature, spirit and self. Learn how to live a healthy and easeful life!!!

  • The gem of this course is the group ! We transform together, by learning, trying new things and sharing our experiences with people that are on the same path!


Ayurveda and Doshas   

Living in Sync with Nature’s Cycles

Personal Growth / Inner Reflections        

Better Restful Sleep

Weight loss or Weight Gain                    

Seasonal Foods



Breath Work                                         

Digestion & Elimination

Body Care Practices                              

Positive Relationships


Subscription includes:

  • 1 group call per month discussing a wellness topic. 

  • 2nd monthly Wellness Class with a Special Guest Speaker

  • Access to recorded calls through Thinkific platform

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

  • Weekly email

  • Discounts on Retreats

  • Discounts on 1 on 1 Coaching

On going course.

New members can join at anytime.

Monthly subscription

$50 each month 

Nourish Your Inner Garden

Inner Awareness Course

"Advanced  Monthly Group"

Prerequisite 7 wk PQ Course

Zoom call on the 2nd Wednesday of each month


This online group coaching course is designed to help you dig deeper into self-awareness - to transform old negative thoughts and self-defeating habitual patterns into a positive nurturing mindset that promotes forward moving actions towards the life you want.

Group interaction, daily tools of mindfulness, and scientifically proven mental fitness techniques will be used to support lasting change.

Course Includes:

  •  A Downloadable cell phone PQ App ( Grow Version)

  • Monthly Online Zoom Group Coaching and Sharing Call

  • 8 chapters of Positive Intelligence book (PDF provided)

On going monthly course.

New members can join at anytime.



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