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 Wellness Coaching

Individual Coaching

Cynthia can help you visualize your goals, let go of the blocks that hold you back and plan a step by step strategy to incorporate new healthy habits into your life.

No matter what direction you want to go in life, for optimal health and happiness there has to be a balance and connection of body, mind and spirit. Using this holistic approach, clients learn skills to calm and focus the mind, nurture and strengthen the body, and connect to spirit.

Individual Coaching

$90 Per Session

Individual Coaching

4 Sessions for $300

Individual Coaching

10 Sessions for $800


" Cynthia is the most knowledgeable, supportive and caring coach there is. Her compassion, empathy and understanding is balanced with her ability to guide you and make you think so you can grow to your greatest potential. Her knowledge of many modalities only adds her coaching abilities and to your experience."

L.D. of Cheshire CT.

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