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Prenatal Thai Massage Special
            First Session $10.00 off 
         Call or Text to set up an Apt 
( See Description on Services page) 


Warm Bamboo 
Thai Fusion Table Massage !!!

 $10.00 off on First Session

This massage works well for anyone that experiences tightness in the legs, feet IT band and back. This table massage is a blend of long strokes with heated bamboo sticks to deeply release fascia and tight muscles while increasing range of motion and elongating the muscles with Thai massage techniques.

                   Spiritual Northern India Trip 
November 9-20 , 2017

See "Events" page for more information

                                       Holistic Balancing Package 
It’s all about balancing the Body, Mind and Spirit
 “4” 90 minutes Sessions for $480.00
(Regularly $600)
Specifically individualized sessions which include a combination of  Massage,Yoga,Meditation, Breath-work
                                           TCM Nutritional Guidance
                                      Call 860.302.0529 for more information
Fall is the time to cleanse !!!!
Detoxify Your Body, Mind 
and  Connect to Your True Self.

 Thai Abdominal Massage is a unique
 and detoxifying 
form of massage (from Thailand) that focus specifically on the abdomen. The abdomen is one of the most sacred centers of the human body. It houses 
the largest number of organs in the body, and is a crucial center for digestion, 
circulation, elimination, and overall health and wellbeing.   

Throughout our daily lives, we are exposed to various toxins - through 
the environment, stress, unhealthy foods, negative thoughts and 
emotions. These toxins accumulate in our skin, fascial layers, muscles 
and organs. Abdominal Thai massage works on all these layers to detoxify 
the body, mind and spirit. It works to remove blockages on both a physical 
and energetic level to restore health and promote a sense of wellbeing.
 What to expect: Clients remain fully clothed and are invited to relax and lie back and relax .The only part of the body exposed throughout the massage will be the abdomen. Gentle, soft, and deep massage techniques are used to free blockages and increase the flow of energy to the internal organs.

Benefits include:
·      Releasing fascial layers and relaxing tight muscles.
·      Releasing toxins from the skin, muscles and organs.
·      Allowing better function of digestion, nutritional absorption       
         and waste removal.
·      Releasing unresolved and stuck emotions.

Cynthia Griffin LMT studied Advanced Level Thai Abdominal Massage for Digestion and Detoxification  with World Renown International Teacher Felicity Joy from Thailand on one of her visits to the USA. 



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